Time to get back in the sober saddle

I’ve been gone from here, wondering if I could ever show my face again, come

back. Hmm. Still not sure. I know it’s time…it’s basically always time to stop drinking and get sober, right? 🙂

But I decided to not think about it too much, and respond to a couple of posts. I’ve made the decision that today will be the day I don’t have (a beer, a glass of wine…etc.) several times over the last week, and recently realized that without support I simply won’t succeed.

Anyway, interesting that I log in here only to make a comment, end up making another one, and then get a message that TODAY is my 2 year anniversary on WordPress. How’s that for a little <<just do it>> message? 🙂

Many blessings to all…thank you for keeping a light on here for me.

❤ D2