I picked a very strange time to quit drinking.

The US election has had me in a succession of shock, grief, fear and ultimately acceptance. Pfft. Being one of the few Americans in a mutinational company in Europe, I’m worn out talking about it. Everyone seems to want to talk to us about it. I’m tired.

And I find it really strange that I chose the date I chose to stop drinking. Or rather, it just sort of chose me. Something deep down told me that if Guy Fawkes day was my last day, I could use “Remember Remember the 5th of November” as a great little ditty to stop me from drinking. And amazingly, it has worked so far. In spite of this presidential catastrophe, in spite of many triggers and temptations, just saying that little phrase in my head focuses me back on my desire to be sober again.

Hope you’re all well and happy… Much love and light…D

6 thoughts on “I picked a very strange time to quit drinking.

  1. Glad you do not agree with Trump. I have unfollowed 5 people already, really hoped you would not have voted for that fascist. I can’t see how anybody could. Clinton is a crook too but the better choice, and bwaahaaahaaa (in a really sad bad way bwaahahaaa) she shot herself in the foot by using her power at the media to make ‘unlikely’ candidates like Trump favourites so she would outshine them by far (Wikileaks). I would have hoped for Sanders but I guess he would not live a day if he really got elected. Oh, you did NOT want to speak about this? 😉 I’m European you know. Just NEED to spill it out to THE AMERICAN.

    Gonna look up what your 5th of November rhyme is about. :-). Glad to see you back. I’m out here hiding from, dunno, guess from my life. The world, including me, have to make some serious decissions on how to move forward. Not sure if you followed but I quit my job due to continuous harassment of my jealous boss 😦 so now I am without money and no government support either because I was the one quitting. :-(. That is ok, for now. I feel I have to make some serious life decissions and bwaahahaha, addict that I am I am eating chocolate and Netflixing. I did buy some coloured fat markers and found some large flip-over paper at the dump so I have all the tools to make a nice mindmap. Tomorrow…. or the day after…. 🙂

    Wishing you a nice sober Friday night/ weekend. 🙂

    xx, Feeling


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